Glance is a short inclusive dance film created through a cooperation between dancers (with and without disabilities), the choreographer, the director, and other associates.

Conceptually designed as four entwined dance lines, among which the first one refers to an intimate glance towards one’s own self, the second is a glance (from another perspective) to one’s impotent parts, while the third one brings a glance onto one’s capacity to overcome any set limitations. The fourth thematic line refers to togetherness, thus representing widening of horizons, i.e. widening of perspectives. This movie represents a continuation of our inclusive work in art, which began in 2008 in dance workshops and our first dance production, the performance The Curve for Gauss. As a work in progress, the performance was shown at Bitef Polyphony that year. The follow-up discussion will focus on “wider perspective” of our work in this area and its intersection points with Bitef Polyphony.

Supported by: the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Republic of Serbia, International Women’s Club, cultural centre “Magacin”, and Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade.